The Fight City Podcast No. 40

Welcome to a new episode of our podcast, hosted as always by Alden Chodash, as he and site editor Michael Carbert talk boxing and an array of topics. First up, boxing in the age of covid-19. Can pugilism keep going? What will major fights look like, if and when professional sports start up again? Would you pay to watch major match-ups taking place in empty studios? Some boxers may be itching to get back in the ring, while others might benefit from a long rest. Is Gennadiy Golovkin in the latter category? With the Kazakh middleweight turning 38-years-old, is his career almost finished? How will he be remembered? Plus, a look back at a heavyweight superfight that surprised just about everyone, George Foreman vs Evander Holyfield. Check it out:


“Here is what should have happened: either Sergio Martinez or Miguel Cotto defends against Gennady and suffers defeat and immediately Canelo mans up and challenges the Kazakh power puncher, and he too falls at the feet of a peak Golovkin. And the boxing world debates and evaluates and celebrates a new boxing legend, one who can be compared to Hagler and Monzon and Ketchel. But it didn’t happen and the reason to lament this is not because it is unfair to Golovkin, but because it is unfair to boxing.”          — From “Canelo vs GGG II: The Last Word” by Robert Portis 

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2 thoughts on “The Fight City Podcast No. 40

  • April 17, 2020 at 4:46 pm

    Very good podcast! Those 48 minutes really went flying by with those talking points.

    Stay safe and optimistic.

    • April 18, 2020 at 9:19 pm

      Thanks for listening. Glad you enjoyed it!


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