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  • Lee Wylie 2

    The Five Ways of Attack

    Today is the birthday of the martial arts wizard and pop culture icon, Bruce Lee, a genuine legend and a genius of hand-to-hand combat. So what better way ...

    On November 27, 2020 / By
  • Lee Wylie 1

    Happy Birthday To The Old Master

    Joe Gans was a pugilistic pioneer. He innovated many now common boxing techniques and his crafty ways and unmatched ring intelligence earned him the nickname “The Old Master.” ...

    On November 25, 2020 / By
  • Lee Wylie 1

    ALI ’66

    After he had won the heavyweight championship of the world a record third time and announced his retirement (which proved a hiatus lasting little more than a year), ...

    On November 14, 2020 / By
  • Lee Wylie 1

    Roberto Duran: Control

    Any intelligent ranking of the greatest boxers to have ever lived, pound-for-pound, will be dominated by names from the past as the simple fact is that the Golden ...

    On November 11, 2020 / By
  • Lee Wylie 0

    Lomachenko: No One’s ‘Diva’

    It is almost upon us, the most eagerly awaited match-up of our virus-ravaged year, a showdown for the undisputed lightweight title, Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez. And one ...

    On October 16, 2020 / By
  • Lee Wylie 3

    Traps Of The Masters

    Great news, fight freaks. The esteemed Lee Wylie is embarking on a fresh video venture, “Traps Of The Masters,” with today’s brand new creation sub-titled “Volume One.” Nothing ...

    On September 25, 2020 / By


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