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Lee Wylie

  • Lee Wylie 1

    The Artful Aggression Of Mantequilla

    When the great Jose Napoles died in 2019, the boxing world paused and mourned a truly great boxer. No matter where you might rank him among the all-time ...

    On April 13, 2021 / By
  • Marvelous Marvin
    Lee Wylie 0

    Even Better Than You Think

    The sudden death of Marvelous Marvin Hagler has shocked the sports world and triggered a wave of grief and remembrance for a champion taken from us far too ...

    On March 20, 2021 / By
  • Lee Wylie 4

    Joe Louis: Mechanical Wonder

    “I could have struggled up once more, but when I get executed, people are going to have to pay more than twenty-five dollars a seat to watch it.”  ...

    On March 6, 2021 / By
  • Lee Wylie 3

    Wylie On Pep: Subtle Sophistication

    Tomorrow marks the anniversary of one of the most extraordinary performances in the entire history of pugilism, that being Willie Pep’s remarkable rematch win over the great Sandy ...

    On February 10, 2021 / By
  • Lee Wylie 13

    Salvador Sanchez: Counterpunch

    “I’m convinced that Salvador Sanchez was the best Mexican fighter of all time. Even better than Julio Cesar Chavez.”    — Wilfredo Gomez “The greatest Mexican fighter of all-time ...

    On January 26, 2021 / By
  • Lee Wylie 4

    Muhammad Ali: The Fighter

    A few days ago the boxing world marked the anniversary of Muhammad Ali’s birth and so we keep the festivities and remembrances going with an in-depth appreciation of ...

    On January 20, 2021 / By


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