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  • Canelo vs GGG
    Features 9

    The Last Word

    It was three years ago today that boxing finally got the rematch it needed: Golovkin vs Canelo II. The word ‘finally’  here is a loaded one, with various ...

    On September 15, 2021 / By
  • hunter s. thompson
    Features 0

    Fear And Loathing In Zaire

    Hunter S. Thompson is undoubtedly an icon of the “counter-culture” movement. He was also undoubtedly a miserable failure as a boxing writer. A motorcycle-racing, gun-loving, Nixon-hating, booze-swilling, narcotic-ingesting ...

    On August 26, 2021 / By
  • Features 3

    Still Stuck in Time: Manny, Marquez & Me

    “Hard right hand by Marquez and for the first time in four fights Manny Pacquiao has been knocked down!”  “Are you fucking kidding me?!” So I screamed at ...

    On August 24, 2021 / By
  • Frampton vs Santa Cruz
    Features 0

    Frampton vs Santa Cruz: Two Is Enough

    The end of a champion’s career is naturally a time for reflection, and it so happens that the boxing journeys of two linked fighters appear to be winding ...

    On August 3, 2021 / By
  • Features 3

    Plaster of Torrance (Part Two)

    Plaster of Torrance: Unwrapping the Meaning of Antonio Margarito, Part Two. Excerpted from The Bittersweet Science. There are times when boxing matches resemble more a bullfight than they ...

    On July 30, 2021 / By
  • Features 2

    Plaster Of Torrance (Part One)

    Last week we marked the anniversary of the legendary first battle between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito. To pay further tribute to this remarkable fight, we would like ...

    On July 29, 2021 / By

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  • Columns 11

    Happy Birthday To “The Rock”

    Today is the birthday of legendary heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano and we will always pay tribute to the one and only “Brockton Blockbuster,” regardless of the fact his famous ...

    On September 1, 2021 / By
  • Eddie Futch
    Columns 2

    On Eddie Futch

    Perhaps it’s just me but I get the feeling Eddie Futch , who was born on this date 110 years ago, wouldn’t be too comfortable in today’s boxing ...

    On August 9, 2021 / By
  • Columns 0

    When Fighters Fought

    Speaking for fans of a certain vintage, we all have a special set of boxers, the ones that forged our love for the sport, the ones on those ...

    On July 24, 2021 / By
  • Haney vs Lopez
    Columns 0

    It’s Time: The Dream vs The Takeover

    Last night saw a big win both for the boxer they call “The Dream,” and for the increasingly precarious enterprise that is professional prizefighting. Undefeated lightweight titlist Devin ...

    On May 30, 2021 / By
  • Miguel Berchelt
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    The Sting Of The Scorpion

    Regardless of anyone’s opinions of the state of boxing in the 21st century, there’s no denying that with some seventeen different weight divisions, four major sanctioning bodies, and ...

    On February 17, 2021 / By
  • Columns 0

    Nothing Left To Prove

    Most great boxers do not go gently into the good night of retirement, but instead rage and fight against the dying of the light. And while, having long ...

    On February 8, 2021 / By

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