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Lee Wylie

  • Lee Wylie 3

    Willie Pep: Subtle Sophistication

    Today is the anniversary of the birth of one of boxing’s singular champions, the greatest featherweight of all-time and a true original, Willie Pep. And while he passed ...

    On September 19, 2019 / By
  • Lee Wylie 0

    Napoles and Louis: Practical Precision

    Technically sound footwork in boxing is about moving just enough to accomplish a purpose. And two of the best at this balletic art of balance and precision were ...

    On September 11, 2019 / By
  • Lee Wylie 1

    ALI ’66

    After he had won the heavyweight championship of the world a record third time and announced his retirement (which proved a hiatus lasting little more than a year), ...

    On August 26, 2019 / By
  • Lee Wylie 0

    Benny Leonard: Ring General

    Some while back, Lee Wylie offered another of his excellent analysis videos, this one a tribute to the one-and-only Benny Leonard. But like the artist he is, Wylie ...

    On July 30, 2019 / By
  • Lee Wylie 1

    Portrait Of A Genius: Wylie On Locche

    As all admirers of Lee Wylie are no doubt aware, he is an aficionado of the finer points of boxing technique, the often overlooked subtleties and arcane methods ...

    On July 14, 2019 / By
  • Lee Wylie 5

    The Tao Of Roberto Duran

    Lee Wylie is one of the most insightful analysts in boxing but he’s also a fan and makes no secret of the fact that Roberto Duran is his ...

    On June 16, 2019 / By


  • Boxiana 2

    Mercer vs Morrison

    Most boxing fans are familiar with the ancient chestnut, “As the heavyweights go, so goes boxing,” and it would be difficult to argue that the old saw bears ...

    On October 18, 2019 / By
  • Boxiana 3

    Tyson vs Biggs

    It’s 1987 and nothing and no one can stop heavyweight wrecking machine Mike Tyson. The year before he had blown away Trevor Berbick in two rounds to become the ...

    On October 17, 2019 / By
  • Boxiana 0

    Oct. 16, 1970: Olivares vs Castillo

    The rivalry between Ruben Olivares and Jesus Castillo—one of the most revered in Mexican boxing lore—took place in an era when the bantamweight division was dominated by Mexicans, with “El Púas” ...

    On October 16, 2019 / By
  • Boxiana 0

    Oct. 14, 1949: Gavilan vs Jack

    It was the classic clash of the old king vs the future king when the once-great Beau Jack met Kid Gavilan in Chicago Stadium in a ten round, non-title ...

    On October 14, 2019 / By
  • Boxiana 1

    Oct. 12, 1978: Scott vs Gregory

    It remains one of the more bizarre episodes in boxing history. A man locked inside a maximum security penitentiary not only competed in sanctioned, professional boxing matches, but ...

    On October 12, 2019 / By
  • Boxiana 2

    Oct. 11, 1992: Lopez vs Lin

    Ricardo Lopez’s nickname in Spanish was ‘El Finito,’ which translates as ‘The Fine One.’ Sometimes a boxer’s nickname does not aptly reflect the nature of its bearer, but ...

    On October 11, 2019 / By
  • Boxiana 0

    Oct. 7, 1932: McLarnin vs Leonard

    In boxing, the spectacle of a once-great champion humbled by Father Time is both profoundly disturbing and, sadly, all too common. With precious few exceptions, the finest fighters ...

    On October 7, 2019 / By
  • Boxiana 0

    Oct. 7, 1995: Lewis vs Morrison

    On October 7, 1995, top heavyweights Lennox Lewis and Tommy Morrison clashed at the Atlantic City Convention Center for Morrison’s IBC belt, though the title was a minor ...

    On October 6, 2019 / By
  • Boxiana 0

    Oct. 5, 1936: Canzoneri vs McLarnin II

    Tony Canzoneri vs Jimmy McLarnin. Two of the very best from one of boxing’s great eras, the 1930’s, the Depression years, the glorious decade of Kid Chocolate, Barney ...

    On October 5, 2019 / By

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