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    Nov. 16, 1979: Arguello vs Chacon

    Bobby Chacon had been an overnight sensation in California, a popular young fighter attracting big crowds to the Inglewood Forum and the Olympic Auditorium. But as quickly as ...

    On November 16, 2019 / By
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    The Aldgate Sphinx

    Historically speaking, boxing is a sport of great rivalries, though now we can only pine for the days when pugilists thought nothing of facing an adversary more than ...

    On November 15, 2019 / By
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    Carter vs Aragon

    When boxing fans hear the moniker “The Golden Boy,” they of course think of Oscar De La Hoya, but some four decades before Oscar became one of the ...

    On November 14, 2019 / By
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    Nov. 12, 1982: Pryor vs Arguello I

    It’s November, 1982 and the sport of boxing is bigger than ever. Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns are all mainstream stars and fight fans enjoy ...

    On November 12, 2019 / By
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    Sugar And Steel

    Though it is almost impossible to overstate Sugar Ray Robinson’s greatness, so much has been written on the subject of that inarguable status that little can be said ...

    On November 11, 2019 / By
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    Nov. 10, 1983: Hagler vs Duran

    Since finally winning the world middleweight title in 1980 and firmly establishing himself as one of the best boxers on the planet, Marvelous Marvin Hagler had been like ...

    On November 10, 2019 / By
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    Nov. 9, 1996: Holyfield vs Tyson I

    Intimidation. From the jungles of our primitive ancestors, to the boardrooms of today’s suit-and-tie warriors, the ability to demoralize an antagonist without resorting to physical violence remains a ...

    On November 9, 2019 / By
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    Nov. 8, 1997: Holyfield vs Moorer II

    The glorious second coming of Evander Holyfield had manifested itself a full year previous to his rematch with Michael Moorer, but it remained for some boxing fans a ...

    On November 8, 2019 / By
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    Nov. 7, 1988: Leonard vs Lalonde

    In 1982, after being treated for a detached retina, Sugar Ray Leonard retired from boxing. Two years later he attempted a comeback, which was quickly aborted after an ...

    On November 7, 2019 / By

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