The Fight City Podcast No. 54

Here’s to kicking off 2022 with a brand new podcast from our man at the helm, Alden Chodash, as he gives you an exclusive interview with light heavyweight contender Steve Geffrard, the fighter who got the call to fill in for Maxim Vlasov and gets the chance of a lifetime against Joe Smith Jr. this coming Saturday. Plus, an in-depth discussion on heavyweight rivalries from Hunter Breckenridge and Michael Carbert. Check it out:

‘And so, during Johnson’s time at the top, talented black heavyweights plied their trade but never competed for the world championship, instead facing off against each other numerous times and largely dominating every other contender willing to take them on. Sam McVea and Joe Jeannette were two dangerous talents who would have been successful in almost any subsequent era. Incidentally, it was Jeannette who later openly criticized Johnson, stating that, “Jack forgot about his old friends after he became champion and drew the color line against his own people.”’        — From “Nov. 26, 1914: Langford vs Wills II” by Hunter Breckenridge

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