The Fight City Podcast No. 55

Brand new podcast from Alden Chodash is ready to go for your listening pleasure as we recap Jermell Charlo’s impressive stoppage win over Brian Castaño to establish himself as the top dog in the super welterweight division. Plus, Alden is joined by site editor Michael Carbert to discuss some of the implications of Canelo Alvarez’s surprise defeat to Dmitry Bivol. Check it out:

“It makes one wonder: where did this notion come from, this idea that boxing must have a single great star around which the rest of the sport coalesces, the other champions like planets orbiting an incandescent sun? The conviction seems to be that without such a figure the sport cannot draw big crowds and big paydays, cannot compete with football or basketball for sports fans’ attention and disposable income. Or is it less about that and more about there being a single person who gets to hoard the biggest purses all to himself, the desire to be the unquestioned king, the one-and-only transcendent boxing star, as Muhammad Ali or Sugar Ray Leonard once were?”    –From End Of The Canelo Myth by Neil Crane 

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