The Fight City Podcast No. 52

Last week the third chapter in the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder tale went down in Las Vegas and it was not only a match-up that captured the attention of the public like few fights of recent years, but also a wild, slam-bang brawl that left sports fans around the world hailing it as one of the greatest fights they had ever seen. So naturally your preferred independent boxing website decided a new edition of our podcast was in order as site editor Michael Carbert, and our resident expert on heavyweight history, Hunter Breckenridge, sat down to reflect on both an exciting, back-and-forth battle and a truly significant pugilistic rivalry. Check it out:

“In round four it became apparent we were witnessing something special. Wilder’s legs had still not fully recovered, and with Fury smelling blood, it seemed like his early KO prediction was about to come true. Instead Wilder turned the tables and very nearly scored one of the great comebacks in heavyweight history. With about a minute left, Deontay found himself with some space and blasted a perfect, right-hand shot through the middle of the guard. Fury’s legs wobbled and his arms instinctively reached out to hold on to something, but found only air. Pausing on the spot for a moment as his legs struggled to find the whereabouts of the floor beneath them, his giant 277-pound frame finally gave way and he crumpled into the corner.”

From “Fight Report: Fury vs Wilder III” by Matt O’Brien 

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