Canelo vs Kovalev: The Tactical Overview

All boxing matches are, to some degree or other, worthy of study in terms of strategy and tactics. Of course the more capable and sophisticated the pugilists, the more to consider. And while all fights can be analyzed, there are those match-ups which not only intrigue and offer food for thought, but fascinate. Canelo Alvarez vs Sergey Kovalev definitely falls into the latter category. So it comes as no surprise to followers of The Fight City that analyst Lee Wylie has devoted time and reflection to this fast approaching showdown in the light heavyweight division. Canelo vs Kovalev is a match rich in possibilities, a duel of differing dimensions, one that may, or may not, surprise us. Let Wylie break it down for you and give you both the keys to victory and the pressing tactical questions. Because Saturday night is just around the corner. Check it out:

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