The Fight City Podcast No. 32

Time for a new edition of our podcast, hosted as always by Alden Chodash! This week he and site editor Michael Carbert recap the great battle that was Taylor vs Prograis before going on to offer their analysis of Kovalev vs Canelo, perhaps the most intriguing match-up of the year! They also discuss the pros and cons of the day before weigh-in, the candidates for 2019’s Fight of the Year, and the greatness of Muhammad Ali as we near the 45th anniversary of “The Rumble In The Jungle.” Finally, exclusive Kovalev vs Canelo picks from esteemed trainer Howard Grant and rising super middleweight contender Shakeel Phinn! Check it out:

“For starters, there is obvious conflict and chaos in the fighter-promoter relationship between Canelo and Oscar De La Hoya, so much so that Alvarez and De La Hoya had to go way out of their way to address that issue during a press conference in Los Angeles held to announce the Canelo vs Kovalev match-up. It was clear both wanted to tell the world that all was well, not only in terms of the trajectory of Canelo’s career, but also between Oscar and Saul. But by the end of that press conference, the real message coming through loud and clear was: ‘Houston, we have a problem.’

“The presser was called, ostensibly, ‘to promote Alvarez’s next fight and to put down any concerns about their relationship.’ And while the headline in The Los Angeles Times the next day was ‘Alvarez and De La Hoya Golden Again,’ there should have been a question mark at the end of it. Are Alvarez and De La Hoya golden again? My answer is a resounding, ‘I don’t think so!'”         From “The Canelo Situation” by Ralph M. Semien 

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