Benny Leonard: Ring General

Some while back, Lee Wylie offered another of his excellent analysis videos, this one a tribute to the one-and-only Benny Leonard. But like the artist he is, Wylie recently decided he was not entirely satisfied with the older video and the result is a revamped look at Leonard’s unique ring skills in “Benny Leonard: Ring General.” As we recently profiled Leonard’s rivalry with the great Lew Tendler, now is as good a time as any to bring Lee’s latest creation to your attention, as well as to educate those not fully aware of the pugilistic genius of the boxer they called “The Ghetto Wizard,” one of the greatest fighters who ever lived. Check it out:

“Handsome and a natural-born showman and charmer, Benny Leonard was revered by the public, becoming a true celebrity and a massive draw in New York City. His legendary battles with Richie Mitchell and Lew Tendler proved major events, attracting massive crowds. Part of Leonard’s appeal was his clever boxing style, sophisticated and artful, balletic in its constant maneuvering as he danced and darted, Benny the supreme matador, always one step ahead of the bull. As he liked to often boast (while at the same time reassuring his constantly worrying mother), his peerless defensive skills allowed him to win fights without even getting his hair “mussed.” Benny’s fans cheered with glee when, just before exiting the ring after another victory, Leonard would cock his head and proudly smooth a hand over his flawless coiffure.”     From “Fight City Legends: The Ghetto Wizard” by Michael Carbert 

Drawing by Damien Burton.
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