Fight Report: Brook vs Bizier

The Event
Kell Brook is generally regarded as one of the best welterweights in the world, ranked behind only Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. He holds the IBF version of the world title, a belt he acquired after winning a decision over Shawn Porter back in August of 2014. Since then he has defended his title twice, stopping Ionut Dan Ion (aka Jo Jo Dan) in four rounds and Frankie Gavin in six. Naturally Brook is looking for bigger and more lucrative matches, even calling out Gennady Golovkin this past week, but the IBF ordered Brook defend his championship against Bizier, who earned his shot by exceeding expectations and soundly defeating undefeated prospect Fredrick Lawson last October.

Bizier and Brook weigh in.

However, Bizier has two losses on his pro record and both are by decision to Jo Jo Dan. While Bizier and Dan fought gallantly in their two Quebec City battles in 2013 and 2014, those who saw Dan put up feeble opposition to Brook had to be forgiven for thinking Bizier could hardly be viewed as a serious threat or any kind of test for “Special K.” The only real suspense going into this fight was whether Brook might be making the mistake of taking Bizier as lightly as the U.K. bookies, some of whom had set the odds on a Bizier win at 20 to 1.

The Result
Sad to report for those hoping for a competitive battle, but the bookies were on point. Bizier gamely tried to make a fight of it, but his lack of head and upper body movement made him an easy target. Brook immediately started letting his hands go and before Bizier could get loosened up and go to work he found himself on the receiving end of some heavy artillery. The challenger absorbed an alarming amount of punishment in the opening round alone. No change in tactics was evident in the second as Bizier continued to walk right at Brook without any feints or defensive movement. The challenger was just too easy to hit and at the same time could not generate any meaningful aggression himself because Brook punished him whenever he tried.

Kell Brook of Britain, right, lands a right to Kevin Bizier of Canada during the IBF World Welterweight Championship bout at Sheffield Arena, Saturday March 26, 2016. at Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, England, Saturday, March 26, 2016. (Nick Potts/PA via AP) UNITED KINGDOM OUT, NO SALES, NO ARCHIVES

About two minutes into the second a flush right hand on the chin buckled Bizier’s legs; Brook’s follow up punches sent the challenger into the ropes and to the canvas. Bizier beat the count but he appeared discouraged; considering how many punches he had absorbed in just five minutes of action, this was understandable. When the match resumed, Brook moved right in and finished matters with a powerful right uppercut. The tough Bizier again beat the count but it was clear to all he was both hurt and overwhelmed and the referee did the correct thing in calling a halt to the one-sided battering.

Brook victorious: time for a serious challenge.

The Takeaway
Not much to draw from this contest other than Brook had better get a match against someone who can challenge him or else there’s the danger of him getting stale. He’s a serious threat for any of the other belt-holders at either 147 or 154 and his people need to secure a high-profile match-up as soon as possible. Since he is part of the Al Haymon stable, this could mean the winner of Thurman vs Porter, or maybe Danny Garcia.

Back to the drawing board for Bizier.

Meanwhile, it’s back to the drawing board for Bizier. No one doubts his courage or toughness and, after his upset win over Lawson, no one should necessarily dismiss him either. But his failure to present any kind of challenge for Brook takes him out of the title picture, at least for now.              — Robert Portis 

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One thought on “Fight Report: Brook vs Bizier

  • March 27, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    I’m pretty sure Brook isn’t a Haymon managed fighter if that’s what you meant. But regardless, he needs a big fight. I understand that this was another mandatory, but he really needs another big name on his resume. The Porter win was a good win, but it seems like a century ago; he’s had zero momentum coming off that win. Of course it’s not all his fault: he had that horrific injury, and the IBF is like the only sanctioning body that strictly enforces mandatories. Eddie needs to get him back on American television against a known opponent and if he has to take short money to do that, then that’s what he needs to do to give these Haymon welters some incentive to fight him. We all know Haymon’s guys are low-risk oriented and right now Kell is high risk/low reward, especially since the IBF belt is really not all that attractive due to them strictly enforcing mandatories.


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