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    Something from Nothing: the Unlikely Rise of GGG

    There’s something about Gennady Golovkin that not only inspires a sense of wonder in his ever-growing following, but was actually instrumental in amassing such following in the first ...

    On July 29, 2015 / By
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    Boxing’s Most Feared Fighter

    UFC star Conor McGregor found himself being bested in the octagon by Chad Mendes two weeks ago but McGregor overcame the adversity, came back, and pulled out a ...

    On July 24, 2015 / By
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    A Sad Spectacle

    Julio Caesar Chavez Junior fulfilled all the expectations everyone at all familiar with his career had for him and for the farcical contest which took place last night. ...

    On July 19, 2015 / By
  • Thurman Collazo jabs
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    Let Boxing Decide

    So now Keith Thurman is under fire from critical boxing fans. Why? Because he took a vicious body shot from Luis Collazo during their PBC match last week. ...

    On July 16, 2015 / By
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    Thurman vs Collazo: What’s The Point?

    The most difficult challenge one encounters when trying to write about a PBC card is resisting the temptation to discuss all the associated politics and machinations. This Saturday’s welterweight ...

    On July 10, 2015 / By
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    The Gypsy King Gets His Chance

    It’s official: on October 24, Tyson Fury, the heavyweight division’s ‘Gypsy King’, gets the chance he’s longed electioneered for. He will fight Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf for WBO, ...

    On July 9, 2015 / By

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    July 25, 1902: Jeffries vs Fitzsimmons II

    It is difficult to say how heavyweight champion James J. Jeffries would have matched up against more contemporary boxers, but there’s no doubt he was an extraordinary fighter. ...

    On July 25, 2015 / By
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    July 26, 2008: Cotto vs Margarito I

    Few championship fights in recent history have been marred by a controversy as serious as that which attended Cotto-Margarito I. A spectacular bout won in the eleventh round ...

    On July 24, 2015 / By
  • Sharkey-Walker ticket
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    Walker vs Sharkey

    There really was nothing left to prove. Why Mickey Walker felt an assault on the heavyweight division was necessary, nobody still living knows. It likely had much to ...

    On July 22, 2015 / By
  • Salvador Sanchez v Azumah Nelson
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    Sanchez vs Nelson

    There’s that old 1960s query: what if they had a war and no one came? Considering the 1982 clash between featherweights Salvador Sanchez and Azumah Nelson, the better question ...

    On July 21, 2015 / By
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    McCallum vs Curry

    When Sugar Ray Leonard retired for the first time in 1982 it left a huge vacuum in the sport. Over the next few years, the foursome of Thomas ...

    On July 18, 2015 / By
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    July 15, 1931: Chocolate vs Bass

    Throughout boxing history, world titles have assumed various levels of worth, some about as valuable as your proverbial wooden nickel. It’s a process unlikely to ever stop, as ...

    On July 15, 2015 / By

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