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    March 25, 1958: Robinson vs Basilio II

    Sugar Ray Robinson, widely regarded as pound-for-pound the greatest boxer of all time, rarely found himself the underdog, but that’s exactly what he was heading into his return ...

    On March 24, 2015 / By
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    Tyson vs Tubbs

    Mike Tyson marries Robin Givens in February of 1988, then boards a plane to Tokyo, fulfilling a promise he made two years prior to defend his title for ...

    On March 21, 2015 / By
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    Chavez vs Taylor I

    Few mega-fights fully live up to the expectations aroused when initially announced, and even rarer are the ones that surpass them. But only a handful completely blow away all ...

    On March 17, 2015 / By
  • 111knockdown
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    Joe Frazier’s Great Victory

    Immediately following the announcement of a Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao match being signed and sealed for this coming May, boxing pundits began searching for comparisons. How does ...

    On March 10, 2015 / By
  • 111beau jack boxing
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    March 5, 1943: Jack vs Zivic

    In decades past the boxing world was an even tougher and less forgiving place than it is today, not to mention more crooked. Fighters were fighters, not businessmen, ...

    On March 5, 2015 / By
  • joe louis arena
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    March 2, 1980: Kenty vs Espana

    After decades of decline, Detroit, Michigan attempted to reverse the years of stagnation and neglect and reassert itself in the late 70s as one of America’s great cities. A ...

    On March 3, 2015 / By

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