Top Men: Hardest P4P Punchers Ever

Starting today, The Fight City is pleased to bring you episodes of Patrick Connor’s Top Men Boxing Radio podcast. This week, Patrick, noted boxing scribe and historian, along with Aris Pina of CompuBox and PunchZone fame, discuss boxing’s hardest ever punchers, pound-for-pound. It’s a topic which could easily fill a book or two and of course it would be impossible, even for this dynamic duo, to do justice to every single boxer whose prodigious power made an indelible impression in the long, rollicking tale that is the history of pugilism.

That said, certain names were bound to come up and they do as Patrick and Aris survey the long list of battlers who doled out more than their share of pain, not to mention broken jaws, cracked craniums and busted ribs. Legendary champions of yesteryear such as Bob Fitzsimmons and Jimmy Wilde are obligatory, as are fellow all-time greats Ray Robinson, Sandy Saddler and Archie Moore. Then we have more recent knockout artists Wilfredo Gomez, Earnie Shavers and Julian Jackson, plus big heavyweight bruisers Sonny Liston and George Foreman.

The legendary Bob Fitzsimmons.
The legendary Bob Fitzsimmons.

No doubt a complete list of boxing’s greatest punchers pound-for-pound would also include such names as Thomas Hearns, Joe Louis, Carlos Zarate, Sam Langford, Alexis Arguello, Ruben Olivares and dozens of others. But Connor and Pina are less interested in comprehensiveness as they are in engaging serious boxing fans with enthusiastic banter and historical acumen. After all, they can’t chatter on about boxing history for the whole bloody day, as much as they might like to.

Naturally The Old Mongoose comes up for discussion.

So hit the link below and relive some of the biggest knockouts in boxing history and appreciate anew the awesome power of many of the sport’s deadliest punchers in this special Knockout Artist edition of Top Men Boxing Radio. Plus, get Patrick and Aris’ views on Saturday’s big matches featuring Gennady Golovkin and Roman Gonzalez. Check it out:

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