Kovalev vs Pascal: Media Day Picks

Yesterday saw media and champions congregate at a restaurant in Boucherville, Quebec of all places to help hype Saturday’s big light-heavyweight showdown, Jean Pascal vs Sergey Kovalev and The Fight City was there. It was an odd mix of spectacles with different boxers shadow boxing and performing various calisthenics while members of the media ate, drank and watched the different boxers go through their routines. Maz Mas was on hand to document the event and also ask a few prominent boxers to give their picks, both for the impending brawl at the Bell Centre as well as the upcoming Mayweather vs Pacquiao superfight.

777kovalev-pascal poster crop

First up, Mr. Dougy Style himself, Dierry Jean, former title challenger of Lamont Peterson and current NABF lightweight champion who doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on both picks:

Jean will face Carlos Manuel Reyes on the undercard Saturday night as he hopes for a shot in the near future for a lightweight world title belt.

Next up, undefeated super-lightweight prospect Yves Ulysse Jr., who is also slated to appear on the undercard. Again, no hesitation from another Montreal-based boxer when asked for a Kovalev vs Pascal pick: he’s also got the Montrealer by decision, and when it comes to Floyd vs Manny, it’s all about the Money, honey!

And finally, none other than former world champion and one of the most popular of Quebec boxers, Lucian Bute, who is a bit more reticent than his compatriots:

Bute will not be appearing on the undercard and in fact currently has no firm plans to appear on any fight card, either as the main event or in a supporting role. And the former super-middleweight champion’s response was as uncertain as his future career prospects. Translation: “Tough fight. In my heart I want Pascal to win. It would be so great for boxing in Quebec and Canada! It’s a 50-50 proposition in my opinion. Not an easy fight for either man.”

So there you have it: three professional prizefighters, and two say Pascal is going to get the judges’ nod, while the other says it’s a pick ’em affair and could go either way. And did you notice? Not one mention of Adonis Stevenson.

111pascal in boucherville
Pascal making the most of Media Day.


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