Kovalev vs Pascal: Conference Call

While everyone has had Mayweather vs Pacquiao on the brain the last several days, the fact remains other significant events are upcoming in boxing. Those behind next month’s light-heavyweight clash between Sergey Kovalev and Jean Pascal reminded us of that fact with a conference call to help promote the contest, scheduled for March 14 in Pascal’s home city of Montreal. Below some choice comments from the combatants:

Sergey Kovalev: 
I am waiting for March 14. This day for me mean a lot. I am going into the ring for my next victory. Knockout or decision doesn’t matter as long as I get the victory. How it will happen, nobody knows. I am not speculating [on] what will happen. Jean Pascal is my hugest challenge. Anything can happen. If it will be KO, it will be good for me. I am going to ring to show how I can do boxing.

Kovalev pursues Hopkins.
Kovalev pursues Hopkins.

[Every] fight is different because opponents are different on different dates, I can [beat] somebody very easy but they can be very hard for somebody else. Pascal had problems with Hopkins but I beat him easy. It depends on the situation. It will be interesting [to see] what will happen. Jean Pascal will see a problem.

I don’t care who I fight next. My next fight [is] against Pascal on March 14. That is the only thing I am thinking about right now. I am not thinking about anyone else.


Jean Pascal: 
This fight is going to be a great, classic fight of the best against the best. Sergey thinks he is the best. I think I am the best. It is going to be a big night in Montreal. It is like Rocky IV. East versus the West. I am a huge underdog. The odds are four to one against me and I am going to be the black Balboa.

Sergey had a great fight against Bernard. In my mind I won both fights against Hopkins. Earlier in my career I defeated Darnell Boone. I whooped him and it took Kovalev two fights to defeat him. He has been dropped twice but I have never been knocked down in my career. That is why I am calling for an epic night on March 14.

Pascal nails Hopkins.

Kovalev did a great job against Hopkins. Nobody is perfect. Everybody has flaws. He showed that he can go 12 rounds. He is a great boxer. I am a man that loves challenges and Kovalev is a great challenge for me.

Before the Hopkins fight everyone thought Sergey was only a power puncher. We know now that he can box. We know that I can bang as well. That is why this is a terrific fight. Kovalev is a power puncher and I have never been knocked down in my life.

Pascal dominated Bute.

Definitely in my country after this fight I will be recognized as the best ever in Canada. Every fight that I lost was a close fight, even though in my mind I won those fights. After March 14, I will be the best ever in my country and then I will go after the world.

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