The Fight City Podcast No. 46

Time for a new podcast, hosted as always by Alden Chodash, and it’s a jam-packed edition with Adam Abramowitz of Saturday Night Boxing joining Alden to talk the big Joshua Franco vs Andrew Moloney controversy, plus last night’s clash between Terence “Bud” Crawford and former champ Kell Brook. Also, some informed discussion on the welterweight match-up everyone wants to see, namely Crawford vs Errol Spence. Plus, what is next for Saul “Canelo” Alvarez now that he’s a free agent? Finally: an exclusive interview with former heavyweight titlist Chris Byrd, looking back on his career and how he wants to keep his journey in boxing going more than a decade after his last fight. Is “Rapid Fire” really coming back at the age of fifty? “First they said I was too small. This time they’ll say I’m too old. And I’m gonna prove everyone wrong again.” Check it out:

“Never being the most graceful fighter to observe, Klitschko’s clumsy fighting on the back foot gave hope to Chris Byrd whose father between rounds reminded his son to stay off the ropes. The hand speed, body positioning and angles of Byrd were working. And having caught as many tappy left hands as Klitschko could offer, combined with a right hand that was never fully loaded that night, Chris Byrd looked like he was beginning to believe in his plan, that being to get past the early rounds and then take control.”                   — From “April 1, 2000: Klitschko vs Byrd” by Shaun Brown 

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