The Fight City Podcast No. 15

Time for another edition of The Fight City podcast, hosted by Alden Chodash who this week is joined by site editor Michael Carbert. Strap in, as Alden breaks down the chaos at the initial press conference for Jarrell Miller vs Anthony Joshua. He then delves into Eddie Hearn’s plans for unified cruiserweight champion Oleksandr Usyk who may soon be diving into the heavyweight division. Then the team of Chodash & Carbert discuss the impact and legacy of Muhammad Ali’s historic championship win over Sonny Liston, way back in 1964. Check it out:

“The bottom line is this: Anthony Joshua is one hell of a fighter, but if you think he doesn’t have weaknesses which others can exploit, think again. It’s easy to have faith in Joshua, not just because of his strength, confidence and punching power, but also because he proved himself in the war with Klitschko; he showed he could overcome serious adversity and still triumph. But the Takam fight showed something too, not least of which was that Joshua has room to grow and, if he wants to reach his full potential, he has things he needs to work on in the gym.”     From “Far From Invincible” by Sean Crose

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