Fight Report: Glowacki vs Huck

In one of the biggest upsets of the year so far, as well as one of the best action fights of 2015, Krysztof Glowacki scored a stunning knockout over WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck. Germany’s Huck had held the title for six years and was seen as the likely winner of this match. Instead, the undefeated contender from Walcz, Poland surprised everyone with his power, aggressive attack and resilience. But the bigger shock may have been the bout’s sheer intensity as well as its spectacular finish.

An aggressive Glowacki pursues Huck.

The battle started fast with the challenger bringing the fight to Huck with a hard body jab that set up big shots upstairs, including a right hook which stunned the champion in round one. The hectic pace continued through the next few rounds with Glowacki’s greater activity carrying the fight thus far.

The momentum appeared to change however when the champion landed a deep dish beauty of a left hook at the start of round six that put the challenger flat on his back. For a moment it looked like Glowacki, who had never before tasted the canvas, would not beat the count, but he just managed to make it to his feet in time. Huck moved in for the finish but Glowacki responded and came back to land some heavy shots before the end of the round.

The challenger on the canvas in round six.
The challenger on the canvas in round six.

Amazingly, Glowacki came back strong in round seven but Huck took the eighth with an inspired rally in the final minute. The ninth was close but a clash of heads opened a cut above Glowacki’s right eye. The tide seemed to have turned as the champion won round ten. He was throwing effective combinations and appeared to be seizing control of the match. But the biggest shock of all was awaiting Huck and everyone watching.

Forcing the fight and backing Huck up, Glowacki connected flush with a huge hook followed by a right jab that put the champion down hard. He rose but Glowacki saw his chance and pounced, letting his hands go and pummeling Huck with shot after shot, the referee jumping in to stop the fight just as the champion collapsed and almost fell through the ropes.

Glowacki Wins
The violent end.

This was, without a doubt, the best action fight Premier Boxing Champions has featured to date and it announces the arrival of a new and exciting talent. Too bad it was followed by a snoozer between Antonio Tarver and Steve Cunningham.      

— Robert Portis

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