The Fight City Podcast No. 24

Time for another edition of The Fight City podcast, hosted by Alden Chodash who this week is joined by site contributor Zachary Alapi. Among other topics of conversation, they discuss Tyson Fury’s visit to Las Vegas, the World Boxing Super Series, Warrington vs Galahad, plus a detailed breakdown of that big Eye Of The Tiger card in Shawinigan, Quebec and its main event, Kean vs Carman II. Check it out:

“A few more thoughts on Carman-Kean II: We need a trilogy fight for several reasons. Even though he settled down and boxed effectively in the third round, Kean’s performance did not inspire confidence that he’s ready to level-up. If he can return against Carman and do the business with more poise, then we can start talking about eyeing greater challenges. Also, Kean vs Any Significant Anglo-Canadian Heavyweight is the ticket to sell fights outside of Montreal.

“At thirty, “The Grizzly” is a young heavyweight, so the thinking here is let him work the domestic scene, which will continue to help Eye of the Tiger make deeper inroads in this boxing-crazed province. Plus, Kean and Carman still have a score to settle. They’ve each won by knockout, but Kean has in no way proven he’s definitively better than “Big Country.” Although that reality doesn’t auger well for Kean’s world title prospects, it means fans should come out of this as the true winners if and when Carman and Kean clash again.”           From “Grizzly Attack: Kean vs Carman II” by Zachary Alapi 

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