The Fight City Podcast No. 1

Over the last few months, Alden Chodash has proven himself a most industrious contributor to your favourite independent boxing website and he also happens to be the proprietor of “AldenBoxing: A Podcast For Purists.” For his newest episode, Mr. Chodash interviews Michael Carbert, founder and editor of The Fight, and the two discuss, among other things, Terence Crawford’s stoppage of Jose Benavidez; Crawford’s future prospects; Manny Pacquiao signing with Al Haymon; Floyd Mayweather needing attention; the virtue of taking risks; our hopes that light heavyweights may make the jump up to cruiserweight, plus special birthday wishes for a boxing legend, Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns. Check it out:

“And in round 11 Hearns, who appeared to most observers to be clearly ahead on points, did indeed strike again with his battering ram right, three of them getting home and sending Leonard to the canvas for a second time. Up at the count of five, Ray appeared exhausted but he gave as good as he got for the rest of the round as the fighters took turns landing heavy blows. Now it seemed certain that Leonard needed a knockout to win, but Hearns, ever the intense competitor, did not coast in the final stanza, and instead looked to end the battle the right way, the way a warrior should, letting his hands go and battling with fury to the end.

Happy 60th Birthday to a ring legend.

“However, the judges failed Tommy, and boxing, as they scored the bout a split draw, the crowd registering its disapproval as the fighters were interviewed in the ring with a loud chant of “Bullshit! Bullshit!” in the background. Yet again, pugilism demonstrated its chronic inability to separate winners from losers, at least on an official basis, but years later Leonard, to his credit, stated that, “Hearns should have gotten the decision. I admit that.” Thus, while “The War” proved to be a less than entirely satisfying conclusion for what could and should have been an all-time great rivalry, it’s difficult to deny that “The Hitman” did indeed get his long awaited revenge in the end. ”   — From “June 12, 1989: Hearns vs Leonard II”

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