Ulysse Jr Talks Bute

It was one of the stranger things anyone has seen of late at the Bell Centre in Montreal. There were the two fighters, in the ring, ready to go, introductions finished and everyone waiting for the opening bell. But instead, one of the two combatants decides he isn’t fighting after all and his trainer starts taking off his gloves.

That was the scene the last time talented prospect Yves Ulysse Jr was in the ring, on the undercard of the David Lemieux vs Hassan N’Dam match. The fight was about to start when Ulysse’s opponent, Renald Garrido, upon learning that the bout was scheduled for four rounds and not six, started shouting at everyone and then left the ring, never to return.

Ulysse Jr remains undefeated.

Needless to say, it was a disappointment for Ulysse, who is eager to show off his skills. Considered one of the top prospects in all of Canada, the undefeated boxer needs to stay active if he’s going to break into the elite level in the near future. At 27, the undefeated Ulysse is ready to make his move.

Thankfully, he’ll get another chance to show off his impressive boxing skills on Saturday night on the undercard of the big Lucian Bute comeback event at the Bell Centre. At yesterday’s press conference, Ulysse got off maybe the best line of presser when he stated that he was more excited about Bute’s return than his own fight.

And while that will likely change when he steps into the ring on Saturday, there’s a reason why Ulysse is preoccupied with Lucian Bute and his prospects for a successful comeback, as he explains in his exclusive interview with The Fight City. Check it out:

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