The Weekend That Was Podcast (No. 19)

Nothing like a high profile heavyweight showdown, not to mention an upset that forces everyone to recalibrate the boxing landscape. Bottom line, that kind of event gets everyone’s attention, which means the weekend just ending deserves a brand new podcast recap with host Alden Chodash being joined by site contributor Jeffrey Fuss as they look back at one of the more significant fights of the year, Anthony Joshua vs Aleksandr Usyk, which featured a remarkable performance by the former cruiserweight king. Check it out:

“It was a competitive duel, no question, with a number of very close rounds, but Joshua failed to truly assert himself, and rarely even tried to fight like what he was supposed to be: the bigger and naturally stronger man. He did not impose sustained pressure on Usyk, and on the inside, where he figured to be the boss, he did not use his greater size and weight to his advantage. By the late rounds it was clear that Usyk had to be well ahead on the cards, but instead of Joshua fighting with urgency and gunning for a knockout, it was the former cruiserweight who closed the show, throwing and landing big punches and badly hurting the Briton in the closing seconds of the fight.”

 –From “Fight Report: Usyk vs Joshua” 

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