The Weekend That Was Podcast (No. 6)

Helping you put some of the weekend’s fight action into perspective is our man in the podcast cockpit, Alden Chodash, joined this week by site contributor Zachary Alapi as they take a look at the results from the opener in the Eye Of The Tiger super lightweight tournament. Yves Ulysse took on Mathieu Germain. while Steve Claggett battled David Theroux in a virus-free “bubble” in Rimouski last night, and Alapi has plenty to say about the performances and what to look forward to in the shows to come. Plus, a look ahead to big fights coming up: Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith and Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia. Check it out:


“So, what to make of all this? Most felt Yves Ulysse was the clear favourite heading into this tournament, and his performance against Germain would appear to confirm that. However, don’t discount Steve Claggett. In both of his past meetings with Ulysse, the skilled Albertan forced Ulysse to fight his fight and, in many respects, seems to have his number. Ulysse has never been able to clearly separate himself from Claggett, and when they do fight again, it will be interesting to see how Ulysse reacts when things don’t necessarily go his way. He’s morphed into a compelling boss in the ring overnight, it seems, so we’ll see how he handles Claggett taking the fight to him and thinking nothing of his stone-faced intimidation tactics. That will be a fascinating test.”   From “The High Card” by Zachary Alapi 

Rimouski “bubble” photo by Vincent Ethier.

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