Teep To The Pods (No. 6)

Welcome to a special edition of Teep To The Pods as Robbie Teep and JayWolf look back at the history of mixed-martial-arts with a particular focus on the “superior ruleset,” ie., those years when MMA often meant “no-holds-barred.” As hardcore fans get set for tomorrow’s big RIZIN show, Teep To The Pods casts an affectionate backwards glance at some of the most brutal and exciting battles fight fans have ever seen, from early pre-Zuffa UFC events, to the “Golden Age” Pride-FC heyday, to ONE FC, and finally ring-based ‘Superior Ruleset’ action under the Rizin banner in Japan. The lineage of MMA’s most dynamic mode features many of competitive martial arts’ most thrilling clashes and greatest warriors, and Teep To The Pods is more than happy to indulge in some nostalgia to look back and recall some truly great fights. Robbie Teep and JayWolf also briefly discuss tomorrow’s RIZIN28 event. Check it out:

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