Flashes Of Violence: Jeff Lockhart Photo Gallery

The challenge of sports photography is finding a way to capture that split second of action which the naked eye can barely register, those precise and illuminating flashes which reveal and encapsulate in the same moment. In boxing, this means images which are powerful, exquisite, violent or even repellent, or maybe all at the same time. Jeff Lockhart is not yet a well-known name in sports photography, and he may not be as prolific as our friend Bob Levesque, but few lensmen are better at capturing instances of sudden and dramatic action to create images of great impact and beauty. His camera has been ringside for a number of major fight cards and we are proud to feature here some of his most striking and memorable shots. For more of Jeff’s work, visit his website and check out @jefflockhartphoto on Instagram.

Lockhart 1
Kevin Higson battles Martin Islas.
Lockhart 2
Denton Daley drills Sylvera Louis.
Brandon Cook connects on Davide Doria.
Shakeel Phinn
Lockhart 8
Steven Wilcox
Adonis Stevenson battles Thomas Williams Jr.
Butler vs Cook lockhart3
Brandon Cook vs Steven Butler

butler vs cook lockhart 1

Lockhart 77777
Jean Pascal vs Sergey Kovalev II.
Lockhart 777 joe
Sylvera Louis defeats Milos Pantelic.
Lockhart 22
Angel Sarinana vs Josh O’Reilly
Lockhart 6
Ryan Young connects on Ryan Wagner
Chris Vanheerden vs Errol Spence Jr.
Lockhart 5
Ryan Young (right) stops Ryan Wagner.
Wilcox Lockhart
Steven Wilcox vs Jesus Kibunde Kakonge
Lockhart 9
Sandy “Lil Tyson” Tsagouris vs Shannon O’Connell
Lockhart 4
Jessie Wilcox vs Eduardo Flores
Sandy Tsagouris of Toronto listens to her trainer.
Stevenson celebrates.
Ray Olubowale on the canvas courtesy of  Donovan “Razor” Ruddock.
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One thought on “Flashes Of Violence: Jeff Lockhart Photo Gallery

  • October 22, 2018 at 5:42 pm

    Very impressive, Jeff! Real action shots. Capturing the result of a facial punch like that, makes ME hurt just looking at it.


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