Twitter Ain’t Impressed

TMZ broke the news weeks ago, but Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the various stakeholders of his September 12 PPV match announced only today that he will, indeed, officially face perhaps the most undeserving of the recognizable welterweight contenders active today in Andre Berto. It’s a bewildering choice, especially when one considers that Floyd himself has stated more than once that this will be the final fight of his career. No, we’re not buying that either, but still, whether it’s Floyd’s last match or the prelude to another run of tedious decision wins, it just looks so damn bad.

Berto? Seriously? Like, for real?

Mayweather vs Berto is a terrible match-up and there really is no way to talk around this point. Berto has three defeats in his last six fights, one of them a stoppage loss to a journeyman named Jesus Soto Karass who boasts a record of 28-10-3. And we’re not even getting into the ridiculous hypocrisy of Floyd signing to fight a man who in 2012 was caught using steroids when his number one excuse for not facing Manny Pacquiao for five years was the Filipino’s alleged use of PED’s.

If you’re a die-hard boxing fan, you know this match isn’t worth much consideration, much less actually paying to see it. If you’re a casual fight fan, we strongly urge you to NOT spend any of your hard-earned scratch on this disgrace of a pay-per-view “fight.” And if you’re a member of the, unfathomably, ever-growing legion of TMT faithful, well, we hope you at least get the satisfaction of spotting the actual $20 bills you’ve surrendered to Mr. TBE as he counts ’em out and stacks ’em up in front of Showtime’s All Access cameras.

Now that that’s off our chest, we’ll just let twitter say it better. Enjoy!

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