The Fight City Podcast No. 2

Alden Chodash hosts The Fight City Podcast as he and editor Michael Carbert discuss some of the recent happenings in the fight game. On their minds this week is Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner, Canelo’s astonishing deal with DAZN, Jean Pascal vs Dmitry Bivol, and the feel-good story that is Tevin Farmer. Plus, the anniversary of the historic match between Muhammad Ali and Jerry Quarry is later this week, so Carbert and Chodash look back and discuss the impact of that fight and of Ali’s long exile from the sport after he refused to be drafted into the Vietnam War. Check it out:

‘It turns out that 18 consecutive wins is “all” it took to accomplish that rare feat, but surrounding himself with a support system grounded in total trust has also been essential to Farmer’s rejuvenation. In speaking with Farmer, the confidence he has in his camp and those guiding his career is unflappable, much like the fighter himself.

‘Deep down, Tevin “American Idol” Farmer probably knew that even after a seemingly improbable win streak, his journey to a shot at a world title still wouldn’t be without hardship and setbacks. But even a fighter with a profound understanding of boxing’s harsh realities couldn’t have been prepared for the ordeal Farmer experienced this past summer.

While attending his niece’s birthday party in Philadelphia, Farmer was shot clean through his right hand after intervening in a domestic dispute and attempting to disarm one of those involved in the conflict. The gun was fired during the scuffle and the unarmed Farmer was shot, the bullet also grazing the face of Farmer’s brother, closing his eye and sending both men to hospital. Fortunately for Tevin, the bullet had passed through his hand without shattering bone or rupturing a tendon.’     From “Tevin Farmer: The Long And Winding Road” by Zachary Alapi

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