The Thrill Is Gone

As Eliott McCormick discussed here last week, the Floyd Mayweather Jr. narrative has become tiresome and sports fans are tuning out. With the exception of his big showdown with Canelo Alvarez a year ago, Floyd’s PPV numbers are not impressive and what transpired Saturday night will likely continue this trend. No one is anticipating a huge PPV bonanza for “Mayhem” and the contest itself did nothing to overturn public perception regarding the lack of excitement and entertainment one can expect when Floyd Mayweather performs.

The irony of course is that the first bout with Maidana last spring was an excellent scrap, but most observers anticipated the rematch to be anything but and for Floyd to quickly defuse all fireworks. With the exception of rounds three and four when Maidana had some success in forcing the fight, they were largely proved correct. Mayweather-Maidana II was hardly memorable and instead of drama and action, fans got Floyd complaining about a bit finger before watching him spend the entire final round circling the ring while the crowd at the MGM Grand voiced its displeasure. Mayhem, it wasn’t.

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Floyd may have won, but boxing did not.

Now comes word that even the sportsbook people are staying away from Floyd. Boxing has traditionally been a huge draw for gamblers, hence Las Vegas being the home for almost every major fight the last 30 years or more. But with Mayweather taking so few risks and with his bouts being so one-sided, bettors have lost interest. Check out this post-fight discussion with Brian Campbell and Dan Rafael for more on how the high-rollers have moved on from Floyd and how, as McCormick has noted, the only recourse left for “Money” if he wishes to change the narrative is to finally give in and face Manny Pacquiao.

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