The Fight City Podcast No. 38

New podcast just dropped for all you fight freaks, hosted as always by Alden Chodash, as he and site editor Michael Carbert give you, fresh from the ‘Better Late Than Never’ department, their takes on that big heavyweight showdown from a few weeks ago, Wilder vs Fury II, before they try to make sense of Deontay Wilder’s decision to activate his rematch clause for a third battle (that being tentatively scheduled for this summer, assuming we survive this coronavirus crisis). Then it’s time to go back three entire decades and pay tribute to what will forever be one of the greatest battles in boxing history (after a quick look at the legendary clash that is Leonard vs Duran I), that being the ever controversial showdown that was Meldrick Taylor vs Julio Cesar Chavez I. Once and for all: did Richard Steele get it right? Carbert and Chodash cannot agree! Mayhem and carnage ensue! Check it out:

“But, distracted by Duva, Taylor failed to answer referee Richard Steele’s “Are you okay?” question and Steele immediately halted the match with precisely two seconds left on the clock. Shock and pandemonium ensued and has never completely subsided since. In the history of hasty stoppages in boxing, this holds a special place as it will no doubt be feverishly questioned and debated until the end of time between those who believe Steele was simply doing his job, and those who insist Taylor deserved a chance to continue.”       — From “Top 12 All-Time Most Controversial Fights”

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