Manny Montreal On Canelo vs Golovkin

Golovkin vs Canelo. The hangover. What a beautiful fight! But the judges and politics and corruption had to screw up everything! Golovkin won that fight! Here’s Manny’s thoughts on a match that was so close to being a classic! It’s time for a Corruption and Ethics watchdog in boxing! Time for drug tests, physicals and psych evaluations for judges! Yes, you heard right! Let’s get serious! Check it out:

“I was at a wedding and it was something to see so many people huddled around smart phones, watching these two warriors go at it. Not bad for a dying sport. And these people were excited, they were enjoying it, but in the end they were reminded how boxing has disappointed them. What could have been a great night for the sport ended up being marred by the problem we just can’t seem to get rid of.

In my opinion, Golovkin commanded that ring last night and Canelo had nowhere to go. Even though Alvarez at times landed the cleaner blows, he was outworked and cornered at will. He demonstrated his skills, countering beautifully, boxing well in the center of the ring, but his work wasn’t enough to deserve a victory. That said, it was close but that one scorecard is nothing short of outrageous. So, once again, another great fight overshadowed by bad judging. What else is new?”   — From “The Day After” 

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One thought on “Manny Montreal On Canelo vs Golovkin

  • September 19, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    Unfortunately beside Adailade Byrd, professional boxing is loaded with incompetent and corrupt judges and referees. And naturally the state boxing commissions should come under suspicion for being in on the corruption. Someone must be held responsible. The governor of the state appoints the commissioners, so ultimately the responsibility falls on the governors to rid the Boxing Commission of embarrassing incompetence and the shame of corruption. Maybe if the press, sponsors, HBO, Showtime and sports commentators started to call out the governors something would get accomplished. Imagine how quickly the problem would be solved if the same were happening in professional or collegiate football, baseball or basketball!


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