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Adrien Broner vs Mikey Garcia is a compelling clash between fighters who, at least on the surface, appear to be polar opposites. For Broner (33-2, 24 KOs), the exhausted narrative of a gifted fighter finally “maturing” may be getting its last recycled run on centre stage as his career at the elite level hangs in the balance. Garcia, on the other hand, is looking to erase the bitter taste of two-plus years idling amidst a contract dispute with former promoter Top Rank as he searches for a defining win against a marquee name. With that, here are The Fight City’s picks for Broner vs Garcia.

Only rugged, naturally bigger and physically stronger pressure fighters/swarmers like Marcos Maidana and Shawn Porter have beaten Adrien Broner beyond doubt. Mikey Garcia, a skillful boxer-puncher who has fought only once at 135 pounds and is completely untested at 140, doesn’t fit the mold. If Broner hasn’t struggled to make weight and comes in motivated — which seems to be the case — his style and physical attributes could prove problematic for Garcia. Broner sent Porter to the canvas with a superbly executed hook off the jab and also managed to hurt Maidana late in their fight, so rest assured “The Problem” has the capacity to do damage against a smaller man moving up in weight. With that being said, Mikey is probably the most gifted, technically sound boxer Broner has faced and I suspect his punching power will remain formidable at 140. The pick here is Garcia on points, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Broner managed to defy the odds.     — Lee Wylie

Despite the fact that the promo for this fight has been excellent and has given everyone hope that Adrien Broner will take this fight seriously, this does not change my opinion that Garcia will prevail and that Broner’s efforts will, at best, lead to an exciting fight.          — Manny Montreal

I believe the Garcia family may have screwed up in choosing Adrien Broner for Mikey’s first fight at 140. Broner has been looking like his former disciplined self in training camp and that is not a good sign for Mikey, who does not posses the pressure style that has made Broner fold in the past. Broner is a sharp counter-puncher with great speed and decent pop. Stylistically, I just do not like this match-up for Mikey, as he likes to fight behind his jab and dictating range. While Adrien Broner has a history of folding when facing tough adversity and Mikey Garcia is one hell of a fighter, I see this as a unanimous points victory for Broner.      — Alfonso Jasso

Garcia by decision.     — Sheila Oviedo 

I’d like to see Broner finally live up to his potential, but I honestly can’t picture a way he can win. Of course, I could be way off on this. Still, Garcia has such a disciplined, often destructive approach, that I believe he will carry the day. I expect lots of heart from Broner here – but I have to go with Garcia by decision in a close, but clear win.
— Sean Crose

Chocolatito Gonzalez vs Sor Rungvisai showed that a great small fighter can struggle against a bigger fighter who’s merely good. Similarly, I expect Mikey Garcia–a pound-for-pound talent in my opinion–to have a hard time hurting the bigger Adrien Broner, whose punching is quick and hard enough to steal enough rounds to make it a close fight. That being said, I do expect Garcia to outwork Broner over twelve, showing he has what it takes to become a star at junior welterweight and beyond. Garcia on points in a tough fight.     Rafael Garcia

Mikey Garcia UD: Broner is too inactive and not a technical boxer. He relies on one punch power and athleticism. Against a guy like Mikey Garcia, who is a technical master, knows how to break fighters down, and is always in shape and active, expect Garcia to put on a clinic.   — Chris Connor

I see this as a genuine 50-50 match. While Garcia is the fresher guy, Broner is physically bigger and has had to overcome more adversity in his career. That said, I lean towards Garcia on points in a closely-fought contest.    — Ronnie McCluskey

Garcia by unanimous decision.              — Eliott McCormick

Garcia TKO11. Mikey Garcia is the wrong kind of opponent for Adrien Broner at this stage of his career. Broner’s difficulty in making 140 pounds, as well as his general disinterest in applying himself to his craft, will not bode well against a consummate professional like Garcia, who will be in fighting shape and will start picking Broner apart with an efficient work rate and accurate counters by the midpoint of the fight. When it will come to crunch time, Broner will fold as he always does against elite opposition while Garcia will finally rise to the occasion and put an end to Broner’s run as a person of interest inside the ring when he stops his man in the 11th.       — Danny Howard

My guess is Broner wouldn’t have taken this fight if he didn’t fully understand what was at stake and I expect “The Problem” to perform with the kind of focus and urgency which has been missing for far too long. I also expect Broner to enjoy a decided edge in weight and physical strength, not to mention toughness, which will inhibit Garcia. There’s no question who is the more skilled fighter, but Broner is the more experienced man with his whole career on the line and I see him coming on in the late rounds and doing some serious damage. Broner by late round TKO.       — Robert Portis 

There’s a chance that Adrien Broner can suddenly put it all together and arrive to the fight in great shape, make up for lost training time, and grow up, sure. It’s just not a good chance. But Garcia’s own inactivity and weight traipsing make this fight tough to nail down. With so many factors in flux, the most consistent thing in this equation is Garcia’s repertoire. Garcia by decision.             — Patrick Connor

I expect Broner to show up in this one, knowing it could be his last shot at a marquee matchup. With his head screwed on right, I think he could cause major problems early on for Garcia with his hand-speed and aggression. But I see Garcia countering effectively as the fight goes on and landing the more damaging shots. Garcia by unanimous decision in an entertaining scrap.              — Jamie Rebner

If Broner shows up on weight, focused, and ready to perform to the best of his abilities (as he keeps promising), I think this will be a competitive fight but he’ll still lose, probably by a unanimous decision. If the same Broner shows up that fought Granados last time out, he gets beaten up and knocked out.            — Matt O’Brien

Mikey Garcia was fighting at an elite level and is now attempting to get back to being a star pugilist. I see quite the opposite with Adrian Broner. This is someone who is inconsistent and has displayed questionable behaviour outside the squared circle. I see two careers going in two different directions. Garcia in 7.             — Thad Moore

One fighter is on the way up; the other is on the way down. One fighter is focused and disciplined; the other is scattered and unruly. Not a tough match to call, in my opinion. There’s always a chance Broner’s natural advantages in size and strength might prove to be significant factors, but it’s only a chance. Garcia by unanimous decision.      
— Michael Carbert 

Despite Adrien Broner’s talent, it’s easy to know when to pick against him. Whenever he’s truly stepped up and faced elite foes, he’s produced dud performances, getting out-hustled, out-willed, and often out-boxed. It remains to be seen whether Mikey Garcia’s economical punch output will actually play into Broner’s hands — not to mention the issue of size — but can we really trust Broner at this point? Forget tactics for a second. Garcia has the consistency and stoicism to match his enviable skill-set; Broner is too unhinged to inspire any genuine confidence in what he’ll produce on fight night. Garcia by unanimous decision. — Zachary Alapi 

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