From Bad To Worse

Despite the fact that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will exit this year with his undefeated record intact, and that 2015 promises him two more huge paydays, 2014 threatens to go down as an annus horribilis for the chief of “The Money Team.” As we detailed in a previous post, in addition to his less-than-scintillating performances against Marcos Maidana, 2014 has seen former allies 50 Cent and Stephen A. Smith calling him out, a major verbal misstep over the Ray Rice situation, plus being served a lawsuit from his former fiancée which claims he beat her and threatened to shoot her.

And now, something else to add to the list: a new lawsuit from Sharif Rahman and Hasim Rahman Jr. which contains a veritable buffet of charges, the implications of which could lead to some major headaches for Floyd. Dan Rafael of ESPN offers all the details on the lawsuit and perhaps the most intriguing sentence to be found there is the following: “Defendant Mayweather knowingly misrepresented facts while testifying before the Nevada State Athletic Commission,” the suit said.

Floyd talking to NSAC
Floyd quite possibly lying his ass off to the NSAC last month.

You will recall that Mayweather was called before the NSAC to explain some of the things depicted in Showtime’s All Access shows which aired before his rematch with Maidana. The commission was concerned about the unsafe practices going on in Floyd’s gym as well as members of his entourage smoking marijuana. Mayweather assured the commission that not everything in the shows was as it seemed and that in fact there were no unsafe sparring sessions in his gym, or any gambling on said sessions, or people smoking dope. It was all fake, all engineered for the cameras.

But the NSAC didn’t bother to investigate the matter further and instead took Mayweather at his word. Now the question will be: where does the NSAC go from here? One would think they can’t simply ignore the distinct possibility that Floyd lied to them. And if they do find out that this is the case, how will they deal with it?

Suffice to say, the next few months are going to be very interesting and it looks like things could easily go from bad to worse for Floyd in what is an unquestionably not-so-great year for boxing’s current pound-for-pound king.


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One thought on “From Bad To Worse

  • October 20, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    Dana White once said about Floyd’s legal problems, “Floyd, you should be lucky you live in a city which cares more about money than justice.”


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