2016 Round Of The Year

Round of the Year Nominations:
Carlos Cuadras vs Roman Gonzalez: Round 5
Adonis Stevenson vs Thomas Williams Jr.: Round 4
Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter: Round 9
Orlando Salido vs Francisco Vargas: Round 6
Thomas Williams Jr. vs Edwin Rodriguez: Round 2
Dillian Whyte vs Dereck Chisora: Round 5
Francis Lafreniere vs Renan St Juste: Round 8
Hozumi Hasegawa vs Hugo Ruiz: Round 9

Winner: Orlando Salido vs Francisco Vargas, Round 6. 

Every three minute stanza listed above is full of drama, action and fireworks. All that needs to be said about round six of Salido vs Vargas is that it offers more. More punches, more ferocity, more intensity. This was the round that encapsulated all the others in a truly great fight. Back and forth it went, both men landing, both men rocked, neither willing to concede an inch to the other. Three minutes of toe-to-toe savagery. And like the fight itself, at its end neither man had seized a definitive advantage.


In the opening seconds Salido attempted to seize the initiative as he charged forward and slammed home big shots, before he was knocked back on his heels by a ferocious counterattack from Vargas. Salido then dug in and they just kept trading and landing, both men swinging with abandon. Forced to the ropes, Salido appeared briefly stunned by a heavy right hand before he rebounded and the two warriors went back to swapping power shots on largely even terms as the crowd stood and cheered. With 30 seconds left it was Salido quickening the pace and beating his man to the punch before Vargas countered with some quick jabs and a right hand, and then “Siri” slammed home a big right of his own just before the bell. It was furious, it was non-stop, it was toe-to-toe, and it was amazing. And it is 2016’s Round of the Year.

Runner Up: Dillian Whyte vs Dereck Chisora: Round 5

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