Sun Tzu, Musashi, & The Pound-For-Pound Five

It’s a never-ending debate among hardcore boxing fans: just who are, pound-for-pound, the very best ring warriors active today. Various criteria are at play and the answers are ultimately subjective, but if it were possible to have a clear, irrefutable, objective answer to this question, one imagines it could well come courtesy of sharp-eyed analyst Lee Wylie. As of right now — December, 2019 — these are the best of the best, the top five boxers in the world, in Wylie’s opinion. But instead of simply providing his own pound-for-pound list and some video highlights, Wylie goes the extra step and shows how the tactics of his five chosen pugilists mirror the ageless philosophies of Sun Tzu, author of The Art Of War, and Miyamoto Musashi, author of The Book of Five Rings. Watch and learn, fight freaks, and then re-evaluate your own pound-for-pound lists. Check it out:

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