Castillo vs Corrales: The Boxers

“Not my usual thing,” wrote Lee Wylie when he posted this video, “but I felt inspired.”

Those who are regular viewers of Mr. Wylie’s creations know he is more than a most insightful and perceptive boxing analyst. They know he is also nothing less than an artist in the way he meticulously weaves visual effects, text and music into videos which are wholly original and stylistically impressive. While his “usual thing” is to offer hardcore fight fans the chance to learn more about the nuances of The Sweet Science, in fact Wylie at the same time creates visual sequences of genuine resonance and profundity. They linger in the memory and, as a beautifully crafted poem or painting will, they change the way we see things.

Corrales stops Castillo: inspiration.

For example, after watching “The Tricks” you can never completely escape the striking and unexpected, and yet somehow apt, connection Lee makes between the ring genius of Vasyl Lomachenko and the iconic Western movies of Sergio Leone. Similarly, when you reach the conclusion of “Mechanical Wonder,” you will never regard in quite the same way the teacher-pupil relationship of Jack Blackburn and Joe Louis. And no matter how ardent an admirer you may be of the legendary “Manos de Piedra,” you will never not find new things to appreciate in Wylie’s masterpiece, The Tao Of Roberto Duran, no matter how many times you re-watch it.

Diego Corrales: 1977-2007.

And now, you will likely never recall the conclusion of that first great battle between Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo, surely one of the most iconic moments of 21st century boxing, without also thinking of Wylie’s tribute to it and without hearing the melody of a certain song by a certain Birmingham-based alt-rock band, that you may have never heard before.

“Not my usual thing, but I felt inspired.” No doubt we speak for many when we say, ‘Please, Mr. Wylie, be inspired as often as you like.’

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4 thoughts on “Castillo vs Corrales: The Boxers

  • January 10, 2018 at 9:28 am

    Lee Wylie’s channel is one of the best things on the whole internet, hands down.

  • May 8, 2020 at 4:40 am

    His vidoes is worth watching a hundred times. One of mine favorites is “Counterpunch” starring Salvador Sanchez.


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