Jukembaev Fight Announcement

Last September, celebrated amateur boxer Batyr Jukembaev attempted to make his pro debut at a Montreal fight card, but all did not go as planned. An awkward fall to the canvas in the second round resulted in a serious knee injury. The veteran of some 200 amateur bouts and former member of the Kazakhstan amateur team gamely tried to continue, but it was impossible. The bout was halted and declared a no contest, and Jukembaev looked forward to months of rehab before he could start training again.

Batyr-blessé 8888
Batyr struggles to stand after injuring his knee.

But while one can scarcely imagine a more disheartening setback, the fact remains that Jukembaev is a special talent and there’s every reason to believe he can still look forward to an outstanding professional career. As our own Eliott McCormick wrote back in September:

“Batyr Jukembaev is a puncher with fine technical skills who grew up admiring Mike Tyson, and has the sort of versatile repertoire that inspires Anna Reva’s faith. She says he possesses every tool necessary to succeed. … ‘He has punching power, he’s physically strong, very technical,’ says Reva. ‘He’s a very exciting boxer. People can expect a lot of knockouts from him.’ Reva adds that she sometimes cancels work meetings to go and watch him spar, so captivated is she by his style. … ‘Clean-cut boxing,” Reva says, emphasizing its unique aesthetic. ‘It’s a pleasure to watch, because it’s boxing to perfection. Very technical.’ Like [his fellow Kazakh Gennady Golovkin], Jukembaev has the same amateur pedigree and boasts the sharp skills and brutal punching power that have made [GGG a star].”

Batyr is a definite 'blue-chip' prospect.
Despite last September’s setback, Batyr remains a definite ‘blue-chip’ prospect.

Now, in an exclusive from Manny Montreal, the young Batyr, along with his manager, Anna Reva, happily announces he is picking up where he left off, and his pro debut will at long last finally happen. Check out the video to learn when and where this blue chip prospect will be showing off his skills (hint: in The Fight City). Then watch as he takes advantage of the benefits of cryotherapy, courtesy of our friends at Spa Cloud.

Video by Manny Montreal; photos by Bob Levesque.

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