Boxing With The Beard

Patrick Connor is a contributor to this site, as well as many others, and he has also been known to make videos to discuss current boxing news. Herewith, “The Beard” gives his recap of Lomachenko vs Pedraza, a major bout for the 135 pound division and another deep notch in “Hi-Tech’s” star-studded ledger, as with the victory he now holds both the WBA and WBO lightweight straps. As Mr. Connor explains, it was not an easy outing for Lomachenko, as Pedraza did better than many thought he would and it’s a bout that again highlights the ongoing weirdness that is the scoring of boxing matches. Did it also expose Lomachenko’s limitations? Is he just too small for 135 pounds? Check it out:

And since Patrick references it, here is last week’s episode of “Boxing With The Beard” in which an inspired discussion about Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury (as well as the weirdness that is scoring boxing matches) takes place. And also, more beer is quaffed.

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