Boxcaster: Billy Joe Speaks!

Once again, we turn to our friends at Boxcaster to bring you this exclusive interview with WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders. The Briton was in Toronto recently to help promote his upcoming showdown against David Lemieux which is happening this Saturday night at Place Bell in Laval. In response to Jason Abelson’s queries, Saunders talks big fights for the future, the challenges of performing in your opponent’s “back-garden,” his battle plan for Saturday night, and the difference between wild lions and caged lions. Check it out:

Hit the link to check out more great videos from Boxcaster. Yeah, there’s a whole bunch; indolent, they are not.

“But for right now, what appears certain is Canelo vs Golovkin II will take place sometime within the next several months, and Saunders vs Lemieux is definitely going down on December 16. And while the latter match-up may not be half as lucrative as the former, it’s still an attractive pairing given the contrasting styles of the fighters and the recent performances of both men. The slick boxing Saunders is coming off a convincing and one-sided win over Willie Monroe, while Lemieux has notched four consecutive victories, including an impressive, one-punch knockout of Curtis Stevens.”      From “The End Of Middleweight Madness?” by Neil Crane

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