Lessons From The Master

Days ago a video emerged on social media which immediately got the attention of serious “boxingheads” everywhere and brought smiles to the fans of one of boxing’s most beloved figures, not to mention an all-time great. The 60 second Instagram video shows Roberto Duran giving an elite-level boxer who happens to be three decades younger a somewhat humiliating lesson on the finer points of in-fighting. As Sergio Mora himself wrote on his Instagram page: “I’ve always considered myself a really good inside fighter, especially for a tall, lean boxer. I guess not. Not against a master.”

Duran dominates Palomino.
Duran exhibiting his in-fighting prowess against Carlos Palomino.

Duran has recently taken up training, his first charge being former champion Sugar Shane Mosley, who can be seen in the background observing the gym tutorial. And should Duran continue to tutor younger boxers, one person who will be only too pleased to see the great “Manos de Piedra” pass on his ring acumen is our own Lee Wylie.

Duran giving Mosley some pearls of hard-won wisdom.
Duran giving Mosley some pearls of hard-won wisdom.

Indeed, Wylie was amazed to see a 64-year-old Duran executing the same techniques that he had employed in his battles with Esteban De Jesus, Carlos Palomino and Sugar Ray Leonard, both in the gym with Mora and in the sparring ring. Not that Wylie needs much prompting when it comes to his all-time favourite boxer, but the Mora video inspired him to produce new creations for us, new tributes to the extraordinary talent and skill of the legendary Roberto Duran. Check ’em out:


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